Our History

 ALTRUSA, an international  non-profit organization focused on community service; Was founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1917 by Dr. Alfred Durham 

Our Beginnings

By 1957  Altrusa had clubs in eight countries. Its focus: traffic safety, services for older people, and the need for youth guidance to reduce delinquency.

Our Early Years

Establishment of the Altrusa International Foundation, dedicated to improving economic well-being and quality of life through a commitment to community services and literacy.

Our Story

The organization began to look to America's youth as the future of Altrusa and established ASTRA service clubs. ASTRA encourages young people, ages 13 to 21, to participate in community service. Expanding on its commitment to youth, Altrusa adopted literacy as on-going area of service in 1977.

Our Founding

Establishment of Altrusa  DFW Club,  25 charter  members dedicated to improving economic well-being and quality of life through a commitment to community services and literacy. Signature project: School Supply Drive.

Our Present

Altrusa DFW service club touches the lives of over 7000 yearly with our various projects: Christmas

"You must do the things you think you cannot do."

- Eleanor Roosevelt, once an active member of the Altrusa Club of New York City

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Altrusa International of DFW, TX District Nine


Our Vision

We will always achieve more when we bring people  from varying occupations and lifestyles, who  share an interest in community service together!

We enjoy the friendship, excitement and satisfaction that comes from working together for the benefit of those within and outside of our community. 

Altrusa DFW club book drive

Our Mission

Each year, our club develops programs that are tailored to local needs, undertaking a variety of hands-on service and fundraising projects. Our shared goals as an ALTRUSA organization are to eradicate poverty, hunger and iliteracy, which we believe is the key to opportunity!

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2022 -

Club Board

-  2023

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Andrea McHenry

Past President

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Charmaine Wynter


Nina Cox.JPG

Nina Cox

President Elect

Laura Roach.JPG

Laura Roach



Lupita Garcia


Barb Bedwell.JPG

Barbara Bedwell

Service Chair

Beth Miller.JPG

Beth Miller

Membership Chair

victoria Pool.png

Victoria Pool

Communications Chair

Cindy Ward.JPG

Cindy Ward

Fundraising Chair

2022 -

Foundation Board

-  2023

Linda Hurt.jpg

Linda Hurt



Barbara Walker

Vice President

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Eileen Ianelli

Communications Chair

Rene Sorgel.JPG

Renee Sorgel


betty b.jpg

Betty Bengo

Member At Large

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Member At Large