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Altrusa Treasure Hunt RULES

If you want to win the bounty you’ll just have to follow the clues and amass the most points. There are 40 Map Stops and 2 Bonus Map Stops. Treasures will be posted at each map stop location including online.

  1. Each Team must list all their players in the car.

  2. Teams/Carloads cannot split up in order to post separately for more points.

  3. Map stops can be visited in any order

  4. Clues can be solved in any order

  5. You don’t have to visit all locations and websites during the hunt.

  6. You don’t have to visit the locations in any order.

  7. You don’t have to do your visits all in the same day.

  8. All score cards must be completed and returned via email by April 11 at 5pm.

  9. Each team may post to as many SM accounts as they have.

  10. Players must not hide, remove or deface treasure after visiting map stops

Altrusa Treasure Hunt POINTS

Gold Coin = 5 points

Silver Coin = 3 points

Bronze Coin = 2 points

Gold coins are earned:

Visit physical location and post your picture to your SM with treasure clearly visible; Book appointment or purchase product from digital or physical location.

Silver coins are earned:

Visit online map stops, find treasure and post screen shot to your SM the hashtags. #altrushadfwtreasurehunt, #altrushadfwTH

Bronze coins are earned:

Follow, Friend, Connect with Altrusadfw on FB, IG, TWITTER; allow your email to be released to map stop business.




Go to Dr. Rose’s physical location get GOLD coin by posting picture with found treasure, go to your SM

and share Hashtags from found treasures and get SILVER coin for each SM site share, get BRONZE coin

for allowing your email address to be released to map stop business. Earn a SILVER coin for each

AltrusaDFW FB, IG or twitter; friend, follow. Earn a GOLD coin for booking an appointment. Earn a GOLD

coin for making a purchase.

Coins earned at this example map stop - 15 Gold, 18 Silver, 2 Bronze = 35 points total



  • Treasure Chest bounty winners will be awarded in person at the April 13, 20201AltrusaDFW club meeting.

  • Top point earners will be able to select from our treasure chest their choice of treasure in order of point tally until all treasures are awarded.

  • Winners will be posted on event page April 14, 2021.

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